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Rooster’s Wake-Up Call

9 Apr

Today I woke up in the wrong mood: I was exhausted. It was pouring out. I have a lot to do at work.

As I went through my morning ritual of checking e-mail, horoscopes and FB (the “news” as SS calls it), I read a quote from a friend that said “the difference between having a good day and a bad day is your attitude.” And I thought, “yeah yeah I know.” It’s a statement that I would—and have—preach(ed)…but only when I’m in a good attitude, of course. And then I said to myself—in my head as I didn’t want to sound crazy at work—”When I’m not is the exact time I should practice it.” So I put a smile on my face… it was fake, but a smile nonetheless.

Then I decided to take some time to catch up on some of capclassique‘s recent blog entries. (I follow blogs in spurts—I’m dedicated to them, but I tend to sit down and read like 10 at a time.) This one stood out to me: Focus on Joy: Day 1. Both her words, intentions and the adorable photo of Marcus, made me smile—and it was genuine.

Someone, somewhere knew I needed a pick me up today. And I got it… thank you.

With that said, here’s what makes me smile (Day 1).

If you don’t me that well, I’ve recently become kinda obsessed with getting a dog. After fostering a one-and-a-half-year-old puggle for six months, I discovered how much joy and love a dog can bring to your life. He came to me at a time I needed him and he needed me. And he left right as I was transitioning into what I now realize was a new time in my life. We helped each other, and moved on. How effin romantic, right? But knowing how much pleasure it is to have a lil pup welcome you every time you come home… and come upstairs… and come back from the kitchen… and come out of the shower… I really want one in my life. And unfortunately for Grandma, I want one in my life even though I have SS. (My grandma stated at one point during this foster arrangement that she wanted me to get a new boyfriend so I wouldn’t need the pup. Thanks Grandma. Needless to say, she didn’t fall for Max as much as I did—though she did much more than she ever thought she would…)

So yesterday, after hearing that an old colleague had puppies he was giving away, I got on a dog search and started looking at rescue foundations in the area and researching different breeds. In my search I found this guy. He’s not the dog for me as the rescue place notes possessive food guarding issues and doesn’t get along with cats… but how effin cute is he? And the best part… get this… his name is ROOSTER! OMG… seriously! Doesn’t it give you warm fuzzies inside?

Well, just looking at Rooster cheered me up even more today. Thanks Rooster.