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Project: Disconnect

9 Jan

I didn’t set resolutions for 2010; I didn’t set resolutions for 2009.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.

That’s not to say that I don’t make them. I just don’t see the point in waiting till the new year to set resolutions: Why can’t we make ongoing resolutions throughout the entire 12 months? People kickstart themselves into January with a whole list of things they are going to change, start doing and stop doing. And by March, they are usually forgotten and we are left waiting till December to try again.

I think it’s stupid so I stopped taking part in the New Year’s resolution tradition.

Throughout 2009 I set myself goals.

1. Pay off my debt!
And I did, by taking on a part-time weekend job. (Let’s ignore the new debt I accumulated for now, ok? Ok, cool.)

2. Re-establish and strengthen some of my friendships.
I believe I have been successful in doing this—maybe the gals would say otherwise. Among making more of an effort to maintain meaningful contact, we have spent many nights chatting, bitching and debating over dinner, board games (some of us more competitive than others :-p), drinks and even train rides. I feel lucky to have such fun, dependable, strong and determined friends. (Oh and patient… as they have to put up with me! 🙂 )

3. Re-establish my Goals.
Certain circumstances that occurred over the past 1 1/2 years left me doubting many challenges I had set for myself as well as my own abilities. But like all situations that knock you down, you get up again. I’M UP! I’M UP!

4. Relax more.
I have a tendency to schedule myself tightly. Working seven days a week leaves little choice. But I promised to give myself more relaxation time and to NOT FEEL GUILTY about it! And I have. Most recently I have upped my video game collection which has helped significantly in slowing me down. (I’ll kick your butt on MarioKart…)

5. Write my book—before the end of 2009.
Ok this one I fell a little short on, depending on how you look at it. By draft I meant a working, editable, in process piece of work. The draft I got is words, sometimes coherent, sometimes… not.

6. Complete NaNoWriMo.
This coincides with number five. The ‘sometimes coherent, sometimes… not’ piece of work was written in the 30-day timeframe between November 1st and November 30th. I took this on with the goal of completing with a working draft, but alas writing 50,000 words in 30 days was a lot harder than I thought.

With that said, I have set myself a new goal and given myself till the end of the March to complete it. Workable? Not likely but it’s a start… and I won’t beat myself up if I don’t get there—as long as I’m on my way.

In order to complete, or make progress towards, that goal, I decided I needed to disconnect from some of my online habits. The first to go? Facebook. The damn thing can suck you in for hours. And I’m not even referring to any of the silly games I may ot may not play—admit to.) I am talking about chatting with my gals in England, checking out photos of friends’ latest vacas/babies/adventures/etc, and sharing interesting articles and blogs with those I think would enjoy it. In other words, “Staying connected.” That’s the point of social networking sites, isn’t it? As much as I enjoy, and hate the idea of losing touch with some people who I don’t speak with often outside the site, it’s time to connect to my “resolutions.”

So coinciding with my three-month goal, I de-activated my Facebook account in an attempt to “Disconnect” from the world and back into me! Yeah, may sound goofy—especially since you can sign in anytime and everything is there as if you never left—but setting this goal is just another thing to accomplish, so I am doing my best. (I’ve only slacked once so far and that was just to download some pics for a friend and show her pics of someone else… it was for her, not me!)

With that said, I guess I should get back to that book… the one I came to the library to work on.

Maybe I should add procrastination to this project!!

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” —Hal Borland, American author