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Guess Who, The Walmart Edition

11 Jul

There are two websites that are sure to waste my afternoon. I go to them for a laugh, and before I know it, I’ve wasted an hour to numerous hours clicking page after page claiming, “Just one more…”

They are: and Neither offer any intellectual stimulation. They exist purely for mindless amazement.

At some point in a conversation with my parents and triple A this weekend, I mentioned these sites. It was in response to my dad stating that he didn’t like to look at stupid sites, or that there was nothing worthwhile on the internet, now I remember. Him and my mom were kinda like “huh?” So I got out my laptop and went to People of Walmart. I handed it over and showed him a few. Then I pointed out, “Make sure you read the captions. The captions make it!”

A few minutes later I came back out onto the porch and he is reading the captions outloud. “Guess who this is. What do you think the picture looks like, huh?” And then he would describe it laughing.

I took my laptop back and switched to Texts From Last Night. I started reading outloud—only the appropriate ones of course. And my parents’ reactions ranged from a chuckle to an full-blown LOL. But after about 6 pages they were losing interest (while I was still going strong).

I closed my laptop as my dad got up: “I guess there are some funny things on the internet,” he commented.

Win!! I successfully dumbed down my dad.

He may have introduced me to the internet, but I introduced him to its most idiotic content.

And for that I am proud.


Hot Guys Who Can Read?

17 May

I got yelled at on Friday. As Francais Fille said, “You haven’t blogged in a while!! Your cleanse was soooo a week and a half ago.” I promised her an entry after and about my action-packed weekend… and it will come.

In the meantime, SS introduced me to a new blog the other day. (Note: He doesn’t actually read it, but someone he knows was pushing it on their FB page.) But being a fan of blogging, reading and, well, guys, it is right up my alley.

I thought you might enjoy it too:

Hot Guys Reading Books

Here’s more about the blogger, Alli Rense. She’s currently working her way through an extensive reading list… God, I’m jealous… reading her website reminds me of my book shelf at home… and now I’m stressed!

Apparently a lot of people would like to date a hot guy who reads books… Do You Want To Date Hot Men Reading Books? by Jennifer Wright at

On a sidenote, I took a photo of my SS reading that I intended to post here. But that could potentially kill my anonymity so I’m gonna keep it to myself for now… But I’ll tell ya, it’s a fantastic one… not only does he look hot reading, but he’s reading my article!

Still Following the Bride…

27 Apr

Our “Follow The Bride” has posted her second post…

Follow the Bride: Meet the Bride and Groom

Let’s find out a bit more about the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs…

Follow the Bride…

20 Apr

So one of the gals at work is getting married. Although the wedding doesn’t kick off until next Spring, the bride-to-be is well on her way to hosting the wedding of her dreams.

What could be more fun than that??

Well, for one thing, documenting and sharing the excitement with brides-to-be—and everyone else who fancies reading about it, for that matter—everywhere. She has been spotlighted on the site, creative odds n’ ends—a blog written by the stationary design genius behind Creative Montage.

Kicking off her blog debut, the bride-to-be shares her very romantic Italian proposal: Follow the Bride: An Italian Engagement

Come back every Tuesday to keep up to date with this bride-to-be’s affair of a lifetime…

… and trust me, I know some of the details… you don’t want to miss this party!

“Your Life” Unplugged

19 Mar

I guess you could call it an acoustic version of your life??

Tomorrow is National Day of Unplugging. Possible? Possibly.
(I know the link doesn’t say tomorrow is National Day of Unplugging—I can’t find the damn site I just read that on…)

The days I forget my phone at home are always the most relaxing. There is something peaceful about not being in contact—maybe it’s the relief of no expectations. At the same time, this could be stressful if you are expecting to hear from someone or to be somewhere. But that’s not the point of this…

I find “disconnecting” to be relaxing, yet I can’t do it. I always have my phone on me; I check my email first thing—sometimes before I even get out of bed; and there are days that the majority of my conversations exist over IM. But I remember when I didn’t work in an office, and days would pass when I didn’t even lift the lid of my laptop. What happened? 

Tomorrow is National Day of Unplugging. Can you unplug?

I think I’m gonna give it a half-go… I mean, I can’t completely… I can’t ditch my phone. I mean, seriously, I have plans with friends… how would we organize our meet-up?

Over and out and unplugged.


17 Mar

So I just recently learned about this Chatroulette website. (Oddly enough I read about it randomly on a website only to open an email from Francais Fille commenting how she had just visited the site for the first time that day… but enough about coincidences; we could start a whole blog just listing those.)

I am curious as to who really uses this site. I guess I can see how there might be a level of excitement in “meeting” new people at random. But I can’t see how connecting via webcam/chat could ever take priority over connecting with, well, real people… like the ones in your life, commonly referred to as friends and family.

I guess whatever floats your boat…

Just for fun… some Sex Advice from People on Chatroulette, courtesy of

Radiation Head

18 Feb

When I was in Junior High School I earned the nickname “radiation head.” Maybe earned is the wrong word, as I did nothing to acquire this title other than NOT dye my hair. I had no control over my almost white, light-reflecting, turns green under the influence of chlorine, blonde hair. And since every over-25-year-old female who passed me as a young child stopped to “ooo” and “ahh” over my long, thick tresses, I never paid any attention to dumb-blonde jokes or stereotypes. I was one of the only lil’ girls I knew with such a pale mane. And as shallow as it sounds, as a kid, my hair made me feel like a princess.

This was of course when I wasn’t acting jealous over Francaise Fille’s thick poofy curls! (Grass is always greener!) It was just after Junior High that Francaise Fille traveled to Europe for vacation. While she was in Holland, she later exclaimed, that she kept thinking she saw me: “Everyone had long light blonde hair just like yours!” Ahhh, that’s where my LED hair fits in in this world. I get it now…

Although I have always chosen not to participate in the dumb-blonde stereotype, I have always been happy to live up to the “blondes have more fun” saying. And for those of you who know me, you know I always give my ambitions 100%. But needless to say, I, or my hair rather, was the butt of many jokes, retorts and mockery over the years. (Ahh-hmm, Mr Cepler!)

In honor of all the “do-able, self-mocking, rare breed” blondes reading this, I repost Blonde Myths Debunked—We’re Not All Hot, Dumb, Angry Or Extinct, by Carrie Sloan, from

Wait are there any blondes actually reading this? Can they read? …or are they all off having “more fun!?”