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Dating Advice…

2 Feb

We all read dating blogs… well at least most of the people who read this do. (What were you searching that brought you here, eh?)

I’m finally venturing off to take on a project I have long wanted to do… the details are still in the works, but I need your help.

When reading dating blogs, what do you want to read about? Others stories and tales? Advice and opinions? Date ideas?? I want to hear your opinion… email me at: or comment here. I especially want to hear from people in NYC…




25 Jan

Being here again reminded me of my NaBloPoMo days. For fun, I headed to the website to check out January’s theme…

by Jolante (flickr)


It made me smile as that is exactly what I am grateful for this week. Anytime an emotional obstacle rears its head, it’s your friends that pick you up, distract you and keep you going when you get the sudden urge to stop. I want to say that this “reminded me who my friends are,” but I already know who they are 🙂

Someone said to me yesterday, “now you have time to focus on you and your girlfriends.” Instinctively I started to agree, but stopped myself. “Not really, that was never missing,” I said.

The reclamation of my time and focus usually brings me comfort after a break-up, providing a positive in a dark time. But for the first time I never really gave up my time. It was a combination of not losing focus on myself and my friends, and him never pushing me for it.

Acknowledging this took my positivity down a few notches — this was something that is important to me, and I had just lost it. I had lost someone who offered me something that I needed in coupledom as well as a crutch for moving on.

I am grateful to have had that, even if just for a short time.

It also made me realize that I don’t feel the urge to turn to him for comfort. Having the person you relied on to ease you for so long suddenly disappear from your life tends to be one of the most difficult aspects of breaking up. But I haven’t felt that urge…

I guess my friends are just that good!

THANK YOU ladies!!

Happy Tears

25 Jan

I started this blog last year after stumbling on a couple of blogger’s who were documenting their recent break-ups. I admired the connections and support system they created for themselves, anonymously. I wanted a sense of anonymity (as a writer, I know I am Googled; I don’t want everything showing up), and so, even though I was in a giddy new relationship state of mind, I began Morning Eggs. Sometimes, without realizing it, you create just the thing you are going to need, without knowing why you’ll need it.

And as I am typing this, the perfect example came up. I received a message from one of the blogger’s who inspired Eggs after reading my last post on here.

It read:

Hey there, I just wanted to say, I saw your latest blog, and I’m sorry.

You know I’ve been there with the whole not-having-a-say-in-the-breakup thing. It BLOWS.

Good luck with the rough patch and the tequila drinking and the Ben and Jerry’s phase. You’ve read all my advice, so you don’t even need me to tell it to you all over again. So all I will say are the two things that might make you feel even a teensy bit better: 1. I’m so sorry. 2. You won’t feel shitty forever. Promise.

As I read it, I shed my first tears of the day. They were happy tears for having received such a thoughtful message from someone who doesn’t even know me personally. She could relate and cared enough to say it.

Happy tears are a pretty good start to the day.

Fight the Fear!

24 Aug

I came up with an idea today that got me really excited. It was probably the 5th or 6th thought that lit up my right cerebral cortex before noon, but I had a feeling about this one.
It’s a concept for a blog that I thought would be both entertaining for followers, and allow an outlet for others to share their experiences. I’m obviously not going to tell you what it is; I’d rather surprise you when it comes to fruition.

But as I always do when I get an idea that intrigues me, I jump into the planning phase and then, slowly, decide against it, lose interest or get bombarded with another “FANTASTIC IDEAS!” I have creative ADD!

As I began to think out my plan, I felt my enthusiasm dwindle. That’s not accurate, I was still super enthusiastic I just started to doubt certain aspects of it.

Will people really read it?

How do I entice people to contribute?

Will it be entertaining enough?

What lessons will readers get from it?

As all these thoughts ran through my head, it occurred to me “I’m afraid to fail.” I don’t necessarily fear the kick to my pride; I am scared of dedicating a tremendous amount of time and effort to something that does not pay off.But what kinda pay off am I looking for? Nothing! I want it to be fun! With this realization I felt foolish; I’ve never left fear stand in my way before.

I am going to do it. I am going to start it, promote it, dedicate time to it and see what happens. If it doesn’t take off, so be it; I tried.

Then again, if I really really try, it will be a success, won’t it…

Guess Who, The Walmart Edition

11 Jul

There are two websites that are sure to waste my afternoon. I go to them for a laugh, and before I know it, I’ve wasted an hour to numerous hours clicking page after page claiming, “Just one more…”

They are: and Neither offer any intellectual stimulation. They exist purely for mindless amazement.

At some point in a conversation with my parents and triple A this weekend, I mentioned these sites. It was in response to my dad stating that he didn’t like to look at stupid sites, or that there was nothing worthwhile on the internet, now I remember. Him and my mom were kinda like “huh?” So I got out my laptop and went to People of Walmart. I handed it over and showed him a few. Then I pointed out, “Make sure you read the captions. The captions make it!”

A few minutes later I came back out onto the porch and he is reading the captions outloud. “Guess who this is. What do you think the picture looks like, huh?” And then he would describe it laughing.

I took my laptop back and switched to Texts From Last Night. I started reading outloud—only the appropriate ones of course. And my parents’ reactions ranged from a chuckle to an full-blown LOL. But after about 6 pages they were losing interest (while I was still going strong).

I closed my laptop as my dad got up: “I guess there are some funny things on the internet,” he commented.

Win!! I successfully dumbed down my dad.

He may have introduced me to the internet, but I introduced him to its most idiotic content.

And for that I am proud.

What to say, when all’s ok?

28 May

I’ve been really slacking on the blogging lately. I could blame any number of reasons—busy at work, enjoying the outdoors, trying to disconnect from the internet—and they’d all be somewhat valid. But during an email conversation with FF the other day, another reason popped out of my subconscious and threw itself onto the screen…

I’m in a stable relationship!

At that point in our email conversation, we were discussing her interest in a not-so-available man to which she apologized for “going on” about. I replied—legitimately defensive—“Don’t be sorry; I love analyzing this shit! It’s great blog fodder. You know, now that I’m in a stable relationship, I’m slacking on blog material. You’re helping me here!”

It’s not that I ever blogged about my relationships. Actually, until this year, I intentionally never wrote, mentioned, or commented on anyone who might not be a permanent fixture in my life. It was my thoughts; my life; my blog. But even though you may not speak about the details, when you’re going through emotional upheaval, you tend to have more to say—on any topic!

Either way… I’m happy… life’s good… so I got nothing to blog complain about. But I’ll make sure that doesn’t keep me from posting—there are plenty of exciting things going on in my world…

and if I can find the time, I’ll tell you about all of them!


1 Brit, 3 years of childhood masterbation and 10,000 teens in cowboy boots

19 May

… is what occupied this previous weekend. Now you understand why I haven’t had time to blog?

Last week SS took me to see Ricky Gervais at MSG’s theater. I became a big fan of the over-sized un-PC child during the reign of The Office. (Hence why I hated the American version for so long.) And I think Animals is one of the funniest stand-up routines ever to exist; on the same account, Politics was one of, if not the, worst. My cousin and I saw him perform at the Tribeca Arts Center in 2007 — he warmed up there the night before his MSG debut — and was mucho disappointed. He not only repeated material, but he only repeated partial bits, forcing mid-point anti-climax jokes into punchline position. Not cool.

This time around he was absolutely fab. Hilarious, disgusting and completely OTT… everything you’d expect from the sick Brit. The highlight for me was when he interpreted his childhood Sunday School book, Noah — British religious humour never fails to entertain me to the fullest. He did repeat one bit, but it was about dolphins “effin each other in the head”… a classic.

According to his blog, he seems pleased with his reviews… he writes: Picked up a nice review too. “No one specializes in outrageously bad taste quite as adorably as Ricky Gervais.” The Hollywood Reporter. One for the DVD I think.

Good job Ricky. High Five!!


I spent Saturday night like any 28-yr-old girl would choose to… among tens of thousands of squealing teeny-boppers, clans of quietly depressed parents and one screeching 28-yr-old 6’5″ man, listening to the teenage goddess of love and heartbreak.

I went to Taylor Swift‘s Fearless concert.

I expected the flash back to my youth… and here’s what I picked up along the way.

1) Taylor Swift has fallen in and out of love A LOT for a 20-yr-old.

2) Her closet must look like a Disco club.

3) Her “Awe, OMG, I can’t believe a crowd of people came to hear me” look is beginning to look fake.

4) She has more energy than Max does.

5) She puts on an absolutely, fantastically entertaining show — and it is a show, not a concert, complete with video clips of interviews with her and her music’s subjects, acted out skits on stage and wanders through the audience.

What my country music-loving man friend discovered.

1) They convert all but one men’s room into a women’s room for these sort of shows.

2) The one men’s room has no line.

2) The bars have no line.

Excellent job Taylor; I’d come see you again — though next time I might bring an <18… just to fit in, ya’ know?


After all the perverse testosterone- and teenage hormone-flooded energy of the last two shows, I was in dire need of some mature, classy feminine entertainment.

So I went with three lovely sophisticated lady friends to see Chelsea Handler‘s Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang tour at Radio City. It was just what I needed. We, along with thousands of mid-20s to mid-30s women, all with vodka cocktails in hand, enjoyed a quiet discussion of her recent break-up with Ted, the E!- hotshot BF from her latest book, her senile father who was apparently in the audience and her third grade masturbation habit.

She was hilarious… no, more than hilarious. She was bloody effin hilarious. Yet, I think a lot of the humor stemmed from having read and absorbed all her book material over the past few months. Every person, situation and racial joke that she threw out triggered a reference to a story from her book in my head, and I’d start cracking up before she finished delivering the punchline. There was no way she could cram the hilarity of the situations she creates for herself into a 1.5 hour stand-up routine.

What I did enjoy from both her and the opener’s bits was their outward mocking of pregnancy and kids. I couldn’t help but think, “35-yr-olds who don’t want kids? I wish every woman who’s said to me ‘You’ll change your mind later’ could have been there to witness these scientific anomalies who hadn’t been slapped with an urge to breed.” Word up sistas!

And that concludes my weekend.

It’s now Wednesday and I got things to do… it’s fancy dinner date night with SS. And as you know, dinner with SS is one of my favorite things to do. BRING IT!!

(Note: As I closed WordPress I received a text from SS with this photo and the caption: “Mmmm baby geese… Fois Gras tonight.” Never leave him alone with your pets B&Gs — unless it’s a cat; in that case you only have to worry about him stealing it.)