Where is MY Thank You?

30 Jan

Over the past couple months, SS’s house has been under renovation and he underwent surgery. Course I didn’t mind that he spent two months living at my house and I was happy to drive him to his surgery and to his parents and random trips on the weekends, etc. Living out of a bag in the apt in the city to help him get around at the beginning wasn’t too bad either. Isn’t that what you do in a relationship? Support each other?

by vistamommy (flickr)

It wasn’t until he posted a thank you message on his FB account expressing appreciation for everyone at work ‘who holds doors open and gets him food and drinks,’ that I suddenly felt somewhat underappreciated.

Why didn’t I get a thank you SS?

No thank you for giving up a long weekend to take you to surgery and drive a couple hours away so you could stay at your parents for a week. What about spending a weekend going home to get my car to drive back and pick you up to drive 2 hours away to go to a party where I knew no one and had to meet your ex-gf and then drive back, drop you off and get my car back home the next day.

YOU NEVER SAID Thank You. And to be quite honest, it pisses me off!

I told him this the day after the big break-up. His response was that I had never mentioned it before. Fair point SS, fair point. I am also aware that I offered to do these things. By no means was I obligated, nor did you request anything from me — well, except for a place to stay and for me to come stay with you in city… hmmm — but I did it because I wanted to help and because I loved you.

But even after I pointed this out to him, he still couldn’t say Thank You.

I think, at least in my opinion, when someone goes out of there way for you, they shouldn’t have to speak up in order to feel a sense of gratitude.


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